5 Reasons to Book a Destination Wedding

To wed at home or not to wed at home…

If that is the question on your mind, or your partner’s, here are five things you might want to consider ahead of making that all important decision.

  1. The Weather

Us Brits are famed for being a weather obsessed bunch. As well as our default subject of polite conversation, the weather is also the bane of many of our lives; we might love the United Kingdom, but few of us love the rain.

Fortunately, the rain needn’t gate crash your big day; whether it is walking out into a winter wonderland or the idea of saying ‘I do’ whilst being smiled upon by the sun, either dreams are realisable, provide you first say ‘I do’ to a destination wedding.

What is more, so is the opportunity to take full advantage of some of the amazing ways the weather has changed and moulded the world and created breathtaking places, which you can explore further via the Weather website, whilst also using the site to learn about what to expect from the weather in every country on the planet.

  1. The Photographs

It might seem crazy opting to jet halfway around the world just to snap the perfect wedding day photos for the album. After all, there are of course many beautiful and stunning locations here in Britain.

That said, open your eyes and minds up to the idea of a destination wedding and you could be taking your wedding day photos from the Grand Canyon, swapping the fairy lights for the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle or being sun kissed on some tropical paradise island…at Christmas.

The possibilities are almost limitless. To see for yourself explore some of the most exciting destination wedding locations out there via the Destination Weddings Magazine website.

  1. The Resorts and Venues

You might think that planning a destination wedding would be an ordeal. With the myriad of things to plan for, organise and get sorted ahead of a wedding day, throw in the fact that the event is set to take place thousands of miles from home and somewhere you might not actually get to see ahead of turning up to tie the knot and you might be forgiven for shying away from the idea of a destination.

The reality, meanwhile, couldn’t be further from the picture painted above. Yes, weddings are stressful, but in fact for those daunted by all the planning, organising and time required to get it right, a destination wedding might just provide the perfect solution.

Opt to marry in a location such as Turks and Caicos and you can not only swap the rain for sun rays, get hitched on the world’s best beach and in the literal paradise that is the Caribbean, but also book into a beach front mansion to do so and have the staff there plan your wedding for you…and even pick you up from the airport.

A destination sound less stressful than an English wedding suddenly? That is because it is, which is why so many British couples are these days choosing to do it. Then, to learn more, and specifically about how to realise the dream wedding in TCI discussed above, head over to the Beach House Resort TCI website.

  1. The Honeymoon

As reported via the Daily Mail website, couples are more than ever appealing to the generosity of their guests and relying on their guests to contribute towards the cost of their honeymoon rather than buy them a wedding gift. For some couples this is their only hope of affording a honeymoon, in fact.

Then, one way then to ensure you don’t just get your dream bid day but also an equally amazing honeymoon (whilst also providing your guests with the perfect excuse to take a holiday) is to simply have a destination wedding.

  1. The Fairytale…Come True

Last but not least, there is nothing quite so romantic as being whisked away to get married; the whole experience, journey and  adventure will become something that creates memories that last a lifetime, and not only because wedding memories always do; when a couple opts to marry in a different country that country and all associated with it becomes inextricably linked with a couple’s big day.

In turn (and time), this makes the location of your destination wedding a fantastic place to return for anniversary holidays as you and your partner enjoy year upon year of married life.

Better yet, for those who go on to start a family, taking the kids (whether as children or when they are older) out to see and holiday where you and your partner tied the knot and making a holiday fairytale of your very own from telling them of your own personal love story and the journey that lead to them being created makes for a truly unique holiday and experience for all the family.

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