Beautiful Wedding Flowers


Flowers play in an integral role in most ceremonies, and professional planners often prioritise flowers over other components of a wedding. If you’re unsure of how, or where to begin buying your wedding flowers, then you can seek comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Most couples are unfamiliar with the process, and have very little experience surrounding flowers.

In fact, your experience may be limited to buying a bouquet for a friend or a potted plant for your kitchen. For this reason, we have curated a comprehensive guide for your convenience. Regardless of how much you know about wedding flowers, you can use our guide, both as a refresher (for those in the know) or as a step by step guide for those completely at a loss.

Prioritise your flowers

Many couples make the mistake of booking florists or consulting with flower shops too late in the process. This, however, can prove very detrimental- as many florists require lots of time to source and prepare your flowers. Ensure that you put your flowers high on your list of priorities, and that you make time to properly consult with a florist. They will typically give you a time-frame, and the more time you’re given, the less likely you are to incur ‘rush prices’ or expensive deliveries.

Trust your florist

You will most likely have a vision in mind. However, it’s critical to remember that your florist is a seasoned professional, and that providing them with a little flexibility (or listening to their suggestions) may prove more profitable in the long-term. In order to reap the benefits of an experienced florist (like Wiltshire Flowers for example), provide them with as much information as your possibly can. Outline your vision, your theme, and perhaps show them photos of other components of your wedding- so they can fully visualise the ceremony.

Consider everything

It’s tempting to compartmentalize flowers, and view them as an individual component of the wedding. However, it’s important remember that flowers tend to tie together the whole aesthetic of the ceremony. Try to colour coordinate your flowers to your colour scheme, but also remember to take advantage of contrasting colours, and vary your shades slightly. Having red flowers, with red bridesmaid dresses, in a red themed can prove very boring and will photograph poorly- so consider contrasting bouquets with hints of whites and accents of pinks.

In addition to colour, you should also consider the scent of your flowers. Many newly-weds tend overlook that many flowers do, indeed, smell. If you choose a plant that is particularly fragrant, then you risk filling your reception or ceremony venue with a nauseating smell- that could interfere with meals or risk irritating allergies. For this reason, it’s best to err on the side of caution, and choose subtly scented flowers that focus more on the aesthetic.