Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Doesn’t it feel great to think you are going to have someone by your side (and we do not mean your future spouse) to make all essential parts of a wedding come together? One designated person can be responsible of helping you distribute the budget, choose vendors, sample wedding cakes with you and advice when choosing bridal colours, while you don’t need to be constantly worrying about hiring items or paying vendors on time, because you have one expert you can always count on!

Is wedding planning for you?

While for some brides-to-be love the wedding preparation process to the extend they are considering bailing on their daily jobs and becoming professional wedding planners. Becoming your own wedding planner gives you the chance to carry out your own supplier research and make a very informative decision on any wedding service provider, who can really deliver top-notch quality service but also complement your style as a couple, as well as interior design of your wedding hall, instead of using wedding vendors that are on your wedding planner’s speed dial.

But ask yourselves, how many wedding receptions have you organised so far? If that’s less than one… really give it a thought whether your judgment of a newbie is going to be better than the one of a professional who has extensive years of experience in the wedding industry.

While planning the reception yourself allows you to save on one item in your bridal pot, planning a wedding is a time-consuming task that requires loads of effort and commitment. Factor in the fact that, right now, you are not be able to accurately foresee how much work is needed to plan your perfect day – unless you know you’d be able to afford taking a leave from work to plan your ceremony. Do not sacrifice the period of engagement you are supposed to enjoy, by turning it into a stressful race and juggling tasks all the time.

Bring a wedding planner on board and focus on the fun stuff!

We can imagine the excitement about choosing flower table centrepieces and chair covers with ribbons matching bridal dresses, but there are some bits that may not exactly rock your boat. Researching options of mini-bus hire for guest transportation or keeping track of payment deadlines are no fun; the less exciting wedding planning elements can be handled by a professional planner. Discuss your options with your potential wedding planner, having a veto on your bouquet design while the planner deals with the boring bits.

They know best suppliers and wedding vendors

If a wedding planner accompanies you to each venue viewing, catering tasting or visits a wedding hire showroom with you to pick the right furniture for hire, they will be able to negotiate with venues and suppliers on your behalf.

Ask wedding vendors the right questions

As someone who has not planned a wedding before, you will most likely struggle to know what types of questions to ask when enquiring for quotes. And it’s not even about the unawareness of how many pieces need to come together perfectly for a successful wedding party; there are aspect of organising events you will not be able to foresee simply because you do not have the inside knowledge gained through years of working in the niche. An experienced planner will know what to look out for you not getting ripped off with an extra last-minute charge because, as it turns out, a caterer does not supply napkins… or a corkage fee comes to light. Hiring a wedding planner to a way of avoiding costly mistakes.

Wedding planners make sure all sticks to the schedule

Your wedding planner will take care of all the boring logistics, arrange loading times for vendors and catering, and wraps the party up late at night. During the wedding planning process, they will make sure none of the deadlines and advance payment due dates are missed. The less obvious thing to mention is that a planner will know the recommended wedding planning timeline – an expert in wedding planning will ensure no venue hire contract is signed before catering companies and other supplier companies quote for the event (watch out for recommended supplier lists!).

Contact person during the reception

A wedding planner can become the first touch point person for your ceremony and reception – you are never expected to answer phone calls or be checking on any of the suppliers. Having one person that not only takes calls from family members and friends who accidentally used the wrong entrance, are stuck in traffic or got lost, but also monitors the work of any vendor and supplier within the venue’s premises takes a massive weight off your shoulders!

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