Wedding Chair Styles – Handy Guide for the Brides to be

There are virtually unlimited options of table and chair styles that can complement your interior wedding venue décor and the overall first impression the venue makes on guests arriving at the reception, whether it’s an evening garden party or a morning wedding breakfast. Planning the reception with attention to detail (and plenty of time ahead) guarantees the attendees will be in awe.

Some of the wedding venues in Britain offer wedding furniture hire services included in their event space hire fee – however, only particular chair and table designs are made available. Certainly, if a historic venue is the only element of ‘old’ you want at your wedding, contrasting modern LED-lit furniture will most likely be off the table, unless you budget for hiring an external furniture hire company.

Classic Chiavari chairs (traditionally referred to as banqueting chairs) are most commonly present at wedding receptions and corporate events, as chiavari chairs are the design most event venues stock and provide for their clients on site, free of charge. Chiavari chairs come in an extensive selection of colours – from transparent through gold, black and white, to elegant hues of natural wood; more colours of the chair pads are available as well. They work great for both casual and more formal settings, outdoors and indoors; account for a chair cover and bow rental service as well.

Add some glamorous look to your reception by hiring ghost chairs – a certainly more modern design, but owning to its simplicity, versatile. The acrylic base can be completely crystalline or transparent with a tint like blue or pink.

Folding chairs are the most popular choice for outdoor garden weddings and marquee parties, however, when paired with satin chair covers, can acquire a more stylish look and more comfort, if you add seat cushions (enquire at your wedding supplier). Upmarket folding chairs will already feature seat pads. Natural wood folding chairs are durable, stable and easy to transport around the venue (or simply remain folded when no longer required, saving up space). Typical wooden folding chair colour range would include: natural, mahogany, white or fruitfood.

If your reception is to kick off with a cocktail hour, you can’t get past without the task of hiring bar stools, cube seats or Chesterfield armchairs to create a laid-back lounge area for the guests to mingle before you move to the main hall.

Rustic chairs – made with bamboo or rattan, rustic chairs are quite eye catching and are definitely a safe bet for any beach ceremony, or adding a tropical vibe to any outdoor summer wedding.

Bistro chairs (in the industry, also referred to as bentwood chairs) – accompanied by a coloured seat pad provide certainly more comfort than folding chairs.

Iron wedding chairs or French slotted chairs – versatile option with a slight antique vibe, they easily bring the feeling of a sunny afternoon in the south of France.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Doesn’t it feel great to think you are going to have someone by your side (and we do not mean your future spouse) to make all essential parts of a wedding come together? One designated person can be responsible of helping you distribute the budget, choose vendors, sample wedding cakes with you and advice when choosing bridal colours, while you don’t need to be constantly worrying about hiring items or paying vendors on time, because you have one expert you can always count on!

Is wedding planning for you?

While for some brides-to-be love the wedding preparation process to the extend they are considering bailing on their daily jobs and becoming professional wedding planners. Becoming your own wedding planner gives you the chance to carry out your own supplier research and make a very informative decision on any wedding service provider, who can really deliver top-notch quality service but also complement your style as a couple, as well as interior design of your wedding hall, instead of using wedding vendors that are on your wedding planner’s speed dial.

But ask yourselves, how many wedding receptions have you organised so far? If that’s less than one… really give it a thought whether your judgment of a newbie is going to be better than the one of a professional who has extensive years of experience in the wedding industry.

While planning the reception yourself allows you to save on one item in your bridal pot, planning a wedding is a time-consuming task that requires loads of effort and commitment. Factor in the fact that, right now, you are not be able to accurately foresee how much work is needed to plan your perfect day – unless you know you’d be able to afford taking a leave from work to plan your ceremony. Do not sacrifice the period of engagement you are supposed to enjoy, by turning it into a stressful race and juggling tasks all the time.

Bring a wedding planner on board and focus on the fun stuff!

We can imagine the excitement about choosing flower table centrepieces and chair covers with ribbons matching bridal dresses, but there are some bits that may not exactly rock your boat. Researching options of mini-bus hire for guest transportation or keeping track of payment deadlines are no fun; the less exciting wedding planning elements can be handled by a professional planner. Discuss your options with your potential wedding planner, having a veto on your bouquet design while the planner deals with the boring bits.

They know best suppliers and wedding vendors

If a wedding planner accompanies you to each venue viewing, catering tasting or visits a wedding hire showroom with you to pick the right furniture for hire, they will be able to negotiate with venues and suppliers on your behalf.

Ask wedding vendors the right questions

As someone who has not planned a wedding before, you will most likely struggle to know what types of questions to ask when enquiring for quotes. And it’s not even about the unawareness of how many pieces need to come together perfectly for a successful wedding party; there are aspect of organising events you will not be able to foresee simply because you do not have the inside knowledge gained through years of working in the niche. An experienced planner will know what to look out for you not getting ripped off with an extra last-minute charge because, as it turns out, a caterer does not supply napkins… or a corkage fee comes to light. Hiring a wedding planner to a way of avoiding costly mistakes.

Wedding planners make sure all sticks to the schedule

Your wedding planner will take care of all the boring logistics, arrange loading times for vendors and catering, and wraps the party up late at night. During the wedding planning process, they will make sure none of the deadlines and advance payment due dates are missed. The less obvious thing to mention is that a planner will know the recommended wedding planning timeline – an expert in wedding planning will ensure no venue hire contract is signed before catering companies and other supplier companies quote for the event (watch out for recommended supplier lists!).

Contact person during the reception

A wedding planner can become the first touch point person for your ceremony and reception – you are never expected to answer phone calls or be checking on any of the suppliers. Having one person that not only takes calls from family members and friends who accidentally used the wrong entrance, are stuck in traffic or got lost, but also monitors the work of any vendor and supplier within the venue’s premises takes a massive weight off your shoulders!

Benefits of Wedding Photography

Everyone knows about the unique minutes associated with a person’s wedding. When you are planning a wedding, it is probably the most joyful day of your life. That is why people spend so much time trying to get all the arrangements exactly right for the wedding. They will do anything to make sure the location looks stunning, and they will pay out much cash on designs, outfits, food, and songs. Nevertheless, what do you think about the memories of such an event? Do you want to keep those to chance?

Some people seem to go with friends as expert photographers for their wedding, but it is not always a wise concept. Choosing a regional expert for wedding photography makes a lot more feeling because you do not want to run the threat of the images switching into not professional and uninspiring. After all, the wedding is something you are going to keep in mind until the day you die. You want those experiences to look amazing in images. Local professionals are great because they know the best, most attractive places. To make sure your memories look amazing to seek the services of the best expert photographer in your regional community. These expert photographers can offer a variety of wedding-related services.

When it comes to choosing an expert photographer for the wedding photography, it is important to look at the overall program on offer. What are expert wedding expert photographers offering? Are they going to give you with all the images in digital format? Are they going to have more than one expert photographer on site, to make sure no minutes are missed? It is also a wise concept to look through their profile to evaluate the kinds of images they have taken at past activities. It will help you understand how they are going to picture the wedding.

These images are not only of top quality, but they are also about catching minutes. Anyone can get an iPhone or digital camera and take HD images. However, can they take them from the right angles? Are they going to catch the actual time you want to see in a photo? Unless they have digital wedding photography experience, they are not going to coordinate the standard of images you get from an expert. Besides, when we say top quality, we do not mean the quality of a picture, but the items in an image. Only a wedding expert photographer knows the best minutes to click a picture during a party of the wedding.

One should hire a professional photographer for wedding photography who can connect well with the entire bridal wedding associates. They can catch the real feelings of the individuals wedding by getting them in a sympathetic and comfortable way.

Professional wedding photographers provide wedding photography services with a perfect blend of quality and creativeness. The advantage of catching the most valued pictures of big event by a professional wedding photographer is that they can make the people look in a natural and elegant way thereby increasing the overall charm and beauty of them.

Five Useful Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography is an underhand and traumatic type of photography. While other types of photography can be harder, with a wedding, you will find only a single opportunity to get the taken a right. The several will be very psychologically spent in the company’s images, which mean that a very careful and professional approach is required.

Selecting a good Wedding Photographer is an enormous choice for the wedding day. The truth is that nothing is long lasting neither the foodstuff nor the design. The only long lasting thing that you can have with you is the images. Only a professional can help you to get their hands on some of the best images of this day. Their abilities help to make a preferred wedding record.

There are certain features that choose if the individual is a professional or not. Before making an investment on them, it is essential to get an effective information about their features. This becomes a help as an experienced individual can help you to get some of the best wedding images.

Here are some guidelines to help you in wedding photography:


A major point of Wedding photography is to get in touch with groom and bride to ultimately, appreciate their particular requirements. By talking about the necessities in advance, it is possible to figure out what the several desires from the images and lets the professional photographer give tips on what they can deliver.

Scout the location

To be better prepared for the wedding it certainly helps the professional photographer to look within the wedding and wedding reception. It can benefit to visit the best position at a similar chance to when a wedding is going on to get a full admiration of the lighting. Getting several test images can also help to understand the picture and discover very good places to take the images. If there are any potential issues, they can usually be fixed before the wedding.

Also, learn the best position rules. For instance, many chapels prohibit the use of display photography while the wedding is going on.

Create an image list

A well-planned image list is certain to ensure. Wedding photography goes as efficiently as possible. The image list is an excellent reference for the wedding or wedding reception to prevent failing to remember any important images during a very stressful schedule. This list can be referred to the several to ensure it completely suits their specific needs.

Carry additional equipment

It is possible to prevent issues with devices failing by packaging the extra cameras, batteries, and cards. It is useful to take at least two cameras and multiple memory cards for wedding images. It could be a complete catastrophe if any device is not able at a wedding because there would not be a chance to run out and change it.

Make use of an assistant

An associate to help with Wedding photography can be helpful for a variety reasons, including the ability to lessen the chance of losing important images and to collect members of the family together when it comes to appearing in the group images.

All these wedding photography tips can be very beneficial especially in the peak time of wedding ceremony.

What does your Wedding Venue say about you?

If you’re looking for the right wedding venue your brain is no doubt on overdrive. This is understandable considering your whole life is going to change dramatically in just a short time.

At this time in your life you’re going to do lots of reflecting as well as soul searching. You will be scrutinizing your relationship to assure yourself you’ve made the right decision. Of course the groom will be stressing out trying to find the perfect ring and both of you will be stressing over the planning of this wonderful day. There are many things consider, lots of choices to make, corners to be cut, and many other crucial decisions that will make your wedding day uniquely great.


The catering is always an important part of the wedding. The wedding food needs to reflect the tone of the day. Using a good Melbourne catering company can save you a lot of time and headaches. They know how to personalize your special day and free you up to tend to other important parts of your wedding plans. Of course, the wedding venue is of the utmost importance. It is a reflection of the couple’s personality. Here are a few different venues to give you some ideas for finding the best one for your wedding day –

Traditional Wedding Venues

1. Churches

If you and your significant other were raised religious then a church may be the natural choice for your wedding venue. When you have a church wedding it shows that you and your partner hold to old traditional family values. A church wedding can be very special to both the couple and their families and friends. Not everyone shares in the old traditional values. However, they will get a sense of just how important family is to the bride and groom.

Traditional weddings are the ‘white picket fence’ type of weddings. They are among the most popular kinds of weddings still today. It sets a tone of reverence to God and family that cannot be overlooked.

Rustic Venues

If you love the rustic look of recycled old-style timbers and scenic terrain, a rustic venue may be just right for you. The word ‘rustic’ conjures up images of old backyards and water-wheels. These venues are pleasing to the eye and have a very relaxed atmosphere about them. It’s a break-away from the more formal church ceremonies.

Tropical Destinations

Some couples dream of being married in a tropical setting. They love the exotic feel of an island with the ocean caressing white sandy beaches. A couple of good examples, which many people choose for their wedding venues, are Bali and Thailand. Tropical locations are dreamy and magical which appeals to many young couples wanting to tie the knot.

Backyard Weddings

The backyard wedding is one of the most practical choices of all. Family and friends will already be comfortable with their surroundings because they’ve been there many times before. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and really does make for an atmosphere of love and devotion to family.

At these types of weddings it is often much easier to let family and friends get in on the planning. Everyone can share ideas and take charge over certain aspect of the day. Some may want to make the snacks, another pitch in on decorating, and another may be a talented photographer. All of those can save a lot of money for the bride and groom and their families.

Bar and Pub Weddings

Some couples like to celebrate their lifestyles by holding their wedding in their favorite bar or pub. They have their friends that they see when they go out to party and want them to be there for this special event. If you go there all the time and like the atmosphere and people, then why not get married there?

Wedding Extras

With any of these wedding venues there should be ample connections to get you through the day. For some venues the people and talents you need (like caterers, decorators, photographers, bands, etc.) will be quite easy to locate, while with some you may have to do some digging.

If you are in the Melbourne area you should call a wedding catering company to help you organize your wedding event. They can save you loads of headaches with their professional wedding experts who know just what to do to make your wedding a success.

Their staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of weddings. They are more than happy to consult with you and get a feel for exactly what you want you wedding to be like. Once they know what you want they will have no trouble making it happen. They free you up to focus your attention on many of the other important details of that special day. Take advantage of their talents and expertisewall of sound!

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5 Extra Special Touches to Transform Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be the most magical kind. Because fewer people opt to marry in winter though, the advice as to how to go about them can often prove somewhat thin – at least when asking friends and relatives who might never have even attended a winter wedding or even much care for the idea. Then, and to silence the naysayers, here are 5 extra special touches to transform a winter wedding from an ordinary one into an extraordinary one and guarantee you a warm rather than frosty reception on your big day.

  1. Luxury facilities

Bathroom facilities might not be a very romantic matter, but hire them via a luxury company such as Event Washrooms and not only can you challenge this reality, you will also get to furnish your wedding day with fully equipped and spacious portable restrooms. Not only does this save on hours spent trying to think up ways to decorate the average portaloo (or just disguise the dreaded things), it will also save you and your guests from having to use the dreaded things too.

After all, and suffice to say, even at an outdoor or marquee wedding where guests might expect and even enjoy the idea of things being a little more rustic, when it comes to wc facilities a big day is definitely an event where room to re-do make up and fix hair will definitely be appreciated.

At the very least, no bride wants to have to face trying to fit her princess dress into a portaloo on her wedding day. Fortunately, when opting for luxury washroom facilities, no bride has to.

  1. Light Up Letting

Welcome guests to a winter themed wedding with light up lettering, make a feature of the bar, highlight where the favour, cake and wedding book tables or areas are or use it to spell out your initials or sentiments of love and create a centre piece before rather than on the head table. The possibilities for what to do with light up lettering are about as limitless as your imagination, especially when opting to hire your from the likes of Light It Up UK, who also offer light up hashtags, hearts big enough to marry beneath, musical notes and treble clefs.

  1. Hire a Live Christmas Tree

One of the most festive, impressive and easy to theme or colour coordinate centrepieces or features at a winter wedding is a Christmas tree.

For an extra special touch, rather than making do with a plastic tree or forking out for the real thing and having no use or place for it after your big day, instead hire a real one via a tree hire company such as In Leaf who also hire out fully pre-decked out trees to save you the hassle, and cost of buying baubles in your chosen wedding colours.

Further, give baubles as favours and hang them from the tree for guests to pick. A fun way for your guests to select their wedding favours, this approach also draws extra attention to a Christmas or winter themed tree centrepiece. Alternatively, wrap favours like little Christmas presents and place them beneath the tree to add a little extra Christmas magic.

  1. Baskets of Winter Warmers

Scarves, hand warmers, gloves, blankets and even bobble hats make wonderfully winter themed and useful additions (as well as fun ones) to a winter wedding.

Simply and literally place rustic wicker style or woven baskets near the doors for guests who are popping outside for a touch of fresh air (or crafty cigarette) or in the case of hand warmers intended as wedding favours for guests to take on their way in from the cold.

  1. Winter Wedding Flowers

Planning summer wedding bouquets, centrepieces and corsages (a.k.a ‘button holes’) rarely involves themed flowers, after all summer is the season in which most flowers bloom.

Whilst florists can today provide all types of flowers and do so year round, a winter wedding (being less opted for than a summer one) provides the perfect opportunity to do something a little different – from adding pinecones into the mix, using sprays of gyp or angel’s breath to replicate mists of snow and even adding bright red winter berries and deep earthy green mosses.

For more ideas about how to theme winter wedding flowers, create stunning floral centre pieces and perfect your button holes, visit the Martha Stewart Wedding website.

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5 Reasons to Book a Destination Wedding

To wed at home or not to wed at home…

If that is the question on your mind, or your partner’s, here are five things you might want to consider ahead of making that all important decision.

  1. The Weather

Us Brits are famed for being a weather obsessed bunch. As well as our default subject of polite conversation, the weather is also the bane of many of our lives; we might love the United Kingdom, but few of us love the rain.

Fortunately, the rain needn’t gate crash your big day; whether it is walking out into a winter wonderland or the idea of saying ‘I do’ whilst being smiled upon by the sun, either dreams are realisable, provide you first say ‘I do’ to a destination wedding.

What is more, so is the opportunity to take full advantage of some of the amazing ways the weather has changed and moulded the world and created breathtaking places, which you can explore further via the Weather website, whilst also using the site to learn about what to expect from the weather in every country on the planet.

  1. The Photographs

It might seem crazy opting to jet halfway around the world just to snap the perfect wedding day photos for the album. After all, there are of course many beautiful and stunning locations here in Britain.

That said, open your eyes and minds up to the idea of a destination wedding and you could be taking your wedding day photos from the Grand Canyon, swapping the fairy lights for the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle or being sun kissed on some tropical paradise island…at Christmas.

The possibilities are almost limitless. To see for yourself explore some of the most exciting destination wedding locations out there via the Destination Weddings Magazine website.

  1. The Resorts and Venues

You might think that planning a destination wedding would be an ordeal. With the myriad of things to plan for, organise and get sorted ahead of a wedding day, throw in the fact that the event is set to take place thousands of miles from home and somewhere you might not actually get to see ahead of turning up to tie the knot and you might be forgiven for shying away from the idea of a destination.

The reality, meanwhile, couldn’t be further from the picture painted above. Yes, weddings are stressful, but in fact for those daunted by all the planning, organising and time required to get it right, a destination wedding might just provide the perfect solution.

Opt to marry in a location such as Turks and Caicos and you can not only swap the rain for sun rays, get hitched on the world’s best beach and in the literal paradise that is the Caribbean, but also book into a beach front mansion to do so and have the staff there plan your wedding for you…and even pick you up from the airport.

A destination sound less stressful than an English wedding suddenly? That is because it is, which is why so many British couples are these days choosing to do it. Then, to learn more, and specifically about how to realise the dream wedding in TCI discussed above, head over to the Beach House Resort TCI website.

  1. The Honeymoon

As reported via the Daily Mail website, couples are more than ever appealing to the generosity of their guests and relying on their guests to contribute towards the cost of their honeymoon rather than buy them a wedding gift. For some couples this is their only hope of affording a honeymoon, in fact.

Then, one way then to ensure you don’t just get your dream bid day but also an equally amazing honeymoon (whilst also providing your guests with the perfect excuse to take a holiday) is to simply have a destination wedding.

  1. The Fairytale…Come True

Last but not least, there is nothing quite so romantic as being whisked away to get married; the whole experience, journey and  adventure will become something that creates memories that last a lifetime, and not only because wedding memories always do; when a couple opts to marry in a different country that country and all associated with it becomes inextricably linked with a couple’s big day.

In turn (and time), this makes the location of your destination wedding a fantastic place to return for anniversary holidays as you and your partner enjoy year upon year of married life.

Better yet, for those who go on to start a family, taking the kids (whether as children or when they are older) out to see and holiday where you and your partner tied the knot and making a holiday fairytale of your very own from telling them of your own personal love story and the journey that lead to them being created makes for a truly unique holiday and experience for all the family.

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Five Top Tips for Choosing a Country Wedding Venue

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding, but one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make as a couple is where exactly the ceremony is going to be held.

Heading out to the country remains an ever popular option, with so many grand stately homes and other venues offering spectacular views and gorgeous settings.

The venue is one of the most important aspects of the big day and should be one of the first things you decide, so we’ve put together some of our top tips when it comes to choosing a country wedding venue.

Set a budget early

While you don’t want to limit yourself, it is important that you set out your budget for the venue early on.

Otherwise, you’re likely to find yourself falling in love with your dream venue only to find out further down the line that it’s just not a financially viable option.

Of course, large country venues are likely to be more expensive, so you might have to divert funds from elsewhere in the wedding budget, or perhaps even postpone the wedding a little until you’ve got a little more in the kitty!

Make sure to book early

As we’ve pointed out, country wedding venues are among the most popular, and as such, they get booked up pretty far in advance!

This is especially true during the summer months which are obviously the most popular time for country weddings.

We spoke to Lake District Country Hotels who said: “We find that during peak months, our venues get snapped up incredibly quickly, so we’d recommend booking at least somewhere between 12 and 18 months in advance.”

However, if you consider yourself to be a bit of a risk-taker, you might wish to try and grab yourself a last minute deal.

This is obviously a risky tactic but if you can find some cancellations you can sometimes save yourself a lot of money!

Consider the location

The appeal of a country wedding lies in getting away from the hustle and bustle of your city or town, but do bear in mind the logistics of the day, not just for yourselves, but for the guests as well.

If you pick somewhere that truly is in the middle of nowhere, your guests are going to find it difficult to get there and back, and you might have to arrange transport or even accommodation so that everyone can attend.

This article from A Practical Wedding looks at how best to navigate the issue of wedding transportation.

Make sure the venue matches your guest list

While it’s all well and good finding a beautiful expansive country house to get hitched in, take a second to make sure that you can actually fill it!

Country weddings are generally larger in scale than your average ceremony and take place in much bigger venues, but if you don’t have that many guests coming, it may wind up being a bit of a waste of money!

On the other hand, if you still want a country wedding but with a more intimate guest list, then perhaps a smaller event in a marquee might be more suitable?

Don’t let the location overrule your theme

If you have a set theme in mind for your wedding, then it’s important to make sure that the venue fits into it.

Country houses are perfect for a rustic themed wedding or something with more of a Jane Austen-era feel.

On the other hand, if you’re dead set on a glamorous, modern and contemporary day, you simply might not be able to match this up with your country wedding venue.

For some inspiration, check out this article from Country Living on ’10 Stunning Rustic Wedding Ideas’.


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Perfect Gift for the Bride

I have a wedding coming up where I am a bridesmaid, so I am going through the wonderful process once more. Last year, we gifted the bride pearls – and did something else really special. I plan to repeat the whole thing again at this upcoming wedding and wanted to share what I’ve learnt. Pearls are a uniquely versatile piece of jewellery. They are especially great at weddings: white and timeless! Just last year I was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding. One of the bridesmaids was the bride’s sister. She was the one who got the excellent idea that we should all get matching pearl necklaces and surprise the bride with a string of pearls. A string of real pearls will always come in handy throughout life and every time it is worn by any of the girls, it will remind everyone of the momentous occasion. We were all pleasantly surprised by the affordable price tag too.

bridesmaid gift for bride pearls

I believe the inspiration for the this came from Style Me Pretty. It featured a heart-warming story on how a woman wore her grandmother’s pearls on her wedding day… It was probably their most popular article that year! Another place that this idea was featured was the film “The First Wives Club”. I know, guilty pleasure – bring me back to the days of Spice Girls’ girl power and nineties hair. In case you aren’t familiar, it is It is a silly comedy that at the same time manages to touch on some serious issues concerning women. The four female lead characters played by the wonderful Goldie Hawn, Bette Middler, Dianne Keaton and Stockard Channing were in college together and gifted themselves pearls on their graduation day that they held on to for the rest of their lives. It is an incredibly sweet, innocent and nonetheless significant timeless gift that will another lustrous accent on your deep friendship with the bride and create a bond among all the sisters.

bridesmaid gift for bride white freshwater cultured pearls

The pearls we went for were authentic real pearls – it seemed like the only option for a wedding. However, we didn’t know a huge amount about the many different kinds of pearls. After doing a lot of research, we went for pearls made by Tropica Pearls. Made in Ireland, they shipped in really quickly and for free to the UK. One thing is for sure: these aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. They bring the same beautiful class with even lustrous pearls and a refreshing practical take on pearl jewellery. The larger than usual handy sterling silver lobster clasp will make it super simple for all the ladies on their special day – we all know how important it is to avoid complications. They were excellent value, but given that we got five in total (three bridesmaids, one for the mother and one for the bride), Martina – the lady who looked after our order emails – gave us an extra discount! The pearls came in matching boxes. The outer green box contained a large suede box with the pearls. The pearls were sitting in a silk ribbon with an elaborate tropical theme – mostly blue in colour, which was also nice on the wedding day. A certificate of authenticity detailed the natural origin of the pearls and a care guide explained things like cleaning, restringing and simple measures to keep pearls looking great for decades. For example, you should put your pearls on after you’ve had your hair and make up done. Needless to say, the bride was over the moon. The pearls created a sisterly atmosphere – it was the cutest thing. I have already ordered another set for this upcoming wedding and would highly recommend that you try this gifting strategy.

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Do I need a wedding videographer to film my day?

By now everything is set up and ready for the big day. It took you ages to have everything perfect. And they are perfect, as you and your other half. And the day is gone. What a day! So many emotions, so many beautiful moments, jokes, friends came from everywhere. And so beautiful photos to remind some moments. But what about the rest of the moments, those on between? What about the vows & the music?  Well these are just memories that will start fade out.

Wedding Videography has changed

Wedding Videography is doing its revolution a few years now. Forget about your parents wedding in 80’s with a cameraman acting like a human tripod. Technology flies and now equipment that was only available to Hollywood a few years ago, is compact and affordable for wedding videographers. This can convert you wedding video to a wedding cinematic movie.

Creative Wedding Film

So you have a wedding movie to treasure these moments forever. But you were stunning on the day and you want your friends to admire a bit more, isn’t it? And of course those who couldn’t attend to have a taste of the day. What a better option than a creative wedding film, a short highlight version of your day, ideal to share it online. Artistic & modern, will engage all your friends and will give you the opportunity to watch yourself as a movie star for the first and maybe the last time in your life.

And some extra stills

Nowadays, a video is captured with 60 frames per second. On a simple moment, a videographer can capture 60 different expressions. Even if you hire the best photographer in the world, he will be unable to capture each single moment of your day. Resolution is keep improving and you can even drag pictures from video, to pick exactly the perfect angle for your smile.

Who to choose?

It is true that wedding videography is expanding and more and more couples are getting educated of how important it is. Many professionals have jumped into the industry the past few years, but only a few can combine the experience and an artistic eye. Elegance Wedding Films is a company that captures wedding since 2003 and will impress you with the creativity & modern style of the wedding films.