Why Choose Online Wedding Suit Hire

For your special day, you’d be crazy to choose online wedding suit hire, right?

We’ve all heard of those scary Internet horror stories about everything else, so surely online wedding suit hire would be equally risky right?

Well, the surprising – but true – answer is that it’s actually safe, secure and actually best to choose online wedding suit hire!

Believe it or not, after reading this article, we’re sure you will have changed your mind.

Perhaps the best way to proceed with this article is to consider the fears a groom may have about choosing online wedding suit hire, then dispel those myths one by one.

Myth One – It’s too expensive

Well, we can understand where this myth may have started from – those High Street hire companies who feel threatened.

When you choose online wedding suit hire, your provider will have transparent costs – often far lower than High Street hire companies (with their bloated sales staff, expensive rental costs of their shops , lack of competition etc.).

Not only will an online wedding suit hire company offer lower costs, in all likelihood they will offer Price Match Guarantees. For example, one online wedding suit hire offers a guaranteed Lowest UK Price of £59 for jacket, trousers, shirt, waistcoat, cravat/tie and matching handkerchief!

Myth Two – the suits won’t fit

Wise that fit is perhaps the biggest barrier to grooms choosing online wedding suit hire, hire companies now provide a raft of fitting advice, videos, sketches, guides etc. so that hirers can be confident their measurements will match the suits provided.

No need to worry about ‘sizing up’, ‘big fits’ or ‘allowing for space’ – simply supply your measurements and the online wedding suit hire companies will do the rest.

Myth Three – lack of choice

As with most online businesses, there actually is MORE (not less) choice online. Companies use efficient logistics, supply chains and warehouses to provider a far wider range of online wedding suits for hire than a standard High Street hire company will stock,.

Myth Four – the suits won’t be delivered on time

As we’ve already stated, the stock levels in the supply chain of online wedding suit hire companies is far bigger and more efficient than High Street companies, so you won’t be waiting for someone else to return your suit so that it can be sent to you.

Most online wedding suit hire companies will provide a guarantee of delivery – often by their own transport – several days (8 days is an often quoted ‘safe’ allowance) before the wedding. This will allow time for any changes, contingencies or problems to be resolved.

Myth Five – we’ll be charged all sorts of excess fees

Whilst a wedding suit hire company does need to have a schedule of fees and charges for those ‘accidents’, and real-life incidents, feel reassured this will all be transparent at the time the hire agreement is undertaken.

When you choose online wedding suit hire, you will be notified of all rules, terms and conditions and so there won’t be any nasty surprises when the suits are returned. In the vast majority of cases, the hire company will collect the suits and so this is yet another convenience for you and one less hassle in wedding planning.

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