A Guide to choosing Wedding Venues

Why would you make what should be one of the happiest days of your life into the most stressful? Well, this is what you could be doing if you don’t make the right decision when choosing wedding venues.

So without further ado, here’s our six best tips for helping those choosing wedding venues.

Know your requirements

How can you even start choosing wedding venues if you don’t exactly what your requirements are?

Think about key criteria, such as :-

  • number of guests?
  • preferred meals/catering?
  • style of venue (modern, traditional, elegant, funky, etc.)
  • If needed for wedding, or just reception?
  • Entertainment

Draw up a list of ideal requirements and then choose the venue, rather than choosing a wedding venue and then making your needs match what they can offer.

Make things easy

The thing most overlooked when planning a wedding is reassurance; if you can make things easy for yourself, you will save yourself a lot of stress (and perhaps even money!).

Experienced, professional wedding venues often have dedicated planners and coordinators that can take a load off your shoulders by coordinating with suppliers and bridal party.

Additionally, when you’re choosing wedding venues ask the venues’ staff if they have preferred suppliers for catering, transport, entertainment etc. as they often have established relationships with quality companies that they rely on.

Don’t forget Accommodation

These days, more people travel to attend weddings and IF they need accommodation, venues often provide accommodation at special rates. This provides a lot more convenience for your guests than worrying about taxis, being late etc.

Plus there’s the obvious bonus of keeping your wedding party, friends and family closer to you for longer!

Listen to reputation

In such a competitive market such as weddings, reputation is everything. Generally, the top wedding venues hardly spend any money on marketing or advertising, instead preferring to rely on ‘word of mouth’ and referrals.

When you’re choosing wedding venues, ask the venue staff for testimonials – or look on their website, Google or Trip Advisor – as they will be sure to advertise any positive feedback they’ve received.

It’s not just the price

When choosing wedding venues, it’s important to remember to consider value as well as cost. It’s not just about the ‘bottom line’ and the cheapest price, as sometimes it can be better having a venue provide a turnkey service and let them worry about the food, drink, entertainer, photographer.

Events and Bridal Fairs

Wedding venues sometimes offer open days or bridal fairs, where one can visit the venue to see everything they have to offer. These are an excellent opportunity to be tempted or inspired, especially if you are looking for a more modern wedding with new ideas or concepts.

Social Media

Perhaps the easiest way of all to go about choosing wedding venues is to look on social media. Whether it be hashtags, venues, shared/liked posts or simply follower counts, social media sites such as Instagram show potential brides everything they need to know about their special day and from their venue.

It’s likely more than ever today more and more weddings are being planned following a moment of inspiration on Instagram!

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