Hiring a Wedding Band


Music can prove key to the progression of a wedding. During the ceremony, it’s used as a cue to indicate the arrival of the bride; the completion of the marriage and the moments in between. During the reception, it’s used as a form of entrainment, that allows for dancing and creates a relaxed environment. As wedding DJs lose their popularity, wedding bands are returning to the scene, and this nod to traditionalism is a fun way for you to add a little variety to your wedding. If you’ve never hired a wedding band before, however, the process can seem a little daunting. Which is why we’ve simplified it for you below.

Source your band reliably

The internet is a great place to find a wedding band, but it’s also an excellent place to be scammed. For this reason it’s key that you never pay or offer payment until you’ve either met the band or a member of the band in person; attended a viewing or a practice; or discussed with them (at length) all the details over the phone. Never rely entirely on internet communication, and never offer full payment without justification. Many bands will take a sizable deposit, but few will demand full payment beforehand, without you meeting them.

Determine your needs

Prior to you hiring a band, you should devise a playlist. This will typically revolve around a genre, and affect your choice of band. Bands are usually used for the reception portion of the wedding, and many market themselves based on the style of music they play. However, if you wish to hire a cover band, then this is also a popular option. These are bands that impersonate a famous, popular band – and many provide an experience that is surprisingly close to the original. There are a huge amount of wedding bands to choose from, including Pop of Ages and House of Chords which are both excellent choices.

It’s important to remember that Wedding Bands are groups of real people, who will be presenting themselves at your wedding. If you need them to wear specific clothing, make special announcements, perform a drum roll in anticipation of a key moment or play any other role (aside from providing music) – then this needs to be discussed. An excellent way of ensuring that you remember absolutely everything that needs discussing, is by writing down all of your needs in advance.

Request a viewing

It’s not unreasonable for you to request a visit, where you’re able to sit in on the band, and sample their performance first hand. Alternatively, many musicians will now be able to forward you links to their live videos. This will give you a taste of their performance, although meeting them in person is always the more reliable option.

If they offer to give you references, it’s recommended that you take them. Consulting with former customers can be a truly comforting process, that can help ensure that your wedding progresses seamlessly.