Hiring a Wedding Marquee Company

7308311380_7ce1b56d87_bMarquees are a popular venue option, particularly for summer weddings. They provide a unique, customizable space detached from reality- where you and your guests are left to your own devices. If you’re considering hiring a wedding marquee, then you may be unsure as to which company to choose. For this reason, you should follow the few simple tips listed below.

Find a local company

Ideally, when it comes to hiring marquee companies, you should always search for a local business that fulfills your needs. Companies local to the site of your venue will understand the requirements of the terrain, will be versed in local laws and regulations, and will be able to visit the site a number of times to assess any equipment or planning needs. By hiring a company based further away, you risk losing money, by neglecting to follow council rules or necessitating special equipment to accommodated unexpected issues.

Consult with the professionals

Marquees are unique structures that require a professional approach, so first and foremost, ensure that you exclusively hire a professional company (like Richardson Marquees) headed by experienced craftsmen. Once you’ve hired a company, you should consult with them, and outline your needs. There are many different types of marquees available, including framed; traditional; Chinese hats and stretch tents. A quality marquee company will be able to recommend a marquee tent for you to use, on the basis of your needs.

Establish details first

As marquees require a little more consideration than a traditional building, you need to first establish key details before hiring a company. This includes determining the number of guests you intend to invite to your wedding, the times and dates of the ceremony, the type of food you’ll be serving and the dimensions of any furniture that will need to be placed within the structure. You also need to assess any hazards, for example if you intend to use candles, or have a bonfire nearby.

Many companies now providing inclusive lighting and decorations for you to choose from. Prior to you contacting a business, it’s important that you establish whether this is something that you will require. Often, opting for inclusive packages that provide lighting; decorations and furniture can prove much more economic than hiring each component separately. However, this is reliant on the company itself, and whether they offer package deals or discounts.

Marquees are also weather dependent, so consider the site of your marquee, and consider the risks of bad weather. If you live in a country where the climate is dependably drizzly, such as England, then using a marquee can prove risky at any point in the year. Likewise, if you reside in Southern California, then your chances of insuring bad weather are significantly reduced. Weigh your options, and consult with your chosen company to assess any weather precautions available to you.