Hiring a Wedding Photographer


Wedding photographers are tasked with the responsibility of immortalizing your wedding, and providing you with memories to look back on for years to come. For this reason, it’s incredibly important that you choose your wedding photographer carefully, and that you pick a professional who is well reviewed by a variety of former customers. You should also ensure that your photographer is placed at the top of your list of priorities, and that you consistently consult with them throughout the planning process.

Choose the best

Money really is an object for many, and couples whose budget is particularly tight may struggle to justify spending a large portion of their money on a photographer. However, it’s important that you choose the best photographer available, and cut corners elsewhere. While it can be tempting to go DIY and hire a cousin or friend, if they aren’t an experienced photographer, then you may regret this decision later on. To alleviate the budget somewhat, you could hire a photographer for portions of the wedding. For example, they could document the ceremony and only the first hour of the reception, allowing your friends and family to photograph the moments in between.

Meet before committing

Don’t be tempted to commit to a photographer before you meet with them, and before you view their portfolio. Even if they come recommended, or are well reviewed online, it’s important that you build a rapport with them prior to hiring them- and, more relevantly, that you view their portfolio. It’s easy to overlook the fact that photographers are artists, who have their own personal style. But this is true, and you may dislike the approach they take to portraits or candid shots. Therefore, arrange a meet and greet, as well as a portfolio viewing before presenting any money.

Decide on your needs

Wedding Photographers are typically hired to photograph ceremonies, receptions or both. Prior to you contacting a photographer, decide what it is that you require. This includes whether you want the preparations that precede the wedding, for example the bridal party getting dressed, to be included in your package. You also need to determine whether your comfortable with mostly candid shots, taken throughout the ceremony, or whether you’re happier with staged shots where you have more creative control.

You also have to decide on how many copies of the prints you will request, and in what form. Many photographers primarily work through digital, and offer prints solely on request. For this reason, if you wish to receive many sets of developed prints; or added CDs with files; or fully curated and edited albums- then you need to establish this beforehand and consult with your photographer in advance.