Do I need a wedding videographer to film my day?

By now everything is set up and ready for the big day. It took you ages to have everything perfect. And they are perfect, as you and your other half. And the day is gone. What a day! So many emotions, so many beautiful moments, jokes, friends came from everywhere. And so beautiful photos to remind some moments. But what about the rest of the moments, those on between? What about the vows & the music?  Well these are just memories that will start fade out.

Wedding Videography has changed

Wedding Videography is doing its revolution a few years now. Forget about your parents wedding in 80’s with a cameraman acting like a human tripod. Technology flies and now equipment that was only available to Hollywood a few years ago, is compact and affordable for wedding videographers. This can convert you wedding video to a wedding cinematic movie.

Creative Wedding Film

So you have a wedding movie to treasure these moments forever. But you were stunning on the day and you want your friends to admire a bit more, isn’t it? And of course those who couldn’t attend to have a taste of the day. What a better option than a creative wedding film, a short highlight version of your day, ideal to share it online. Artistic & modern, will engage all your friends and will give you the opportunity to watch yourself as a movie star for the first and maybe the last time in your life.

And some extra stills

Nowadays, a video is captured with 60 frames per second. On a simple moment, a videographer can capture 60 different expressions. Even if you hire the best photographer in the world, he will be unable to capture each single moment of your day. Resolution is keep improving and you can even drag pictures from video, to pick exactly the perfect angle for your smile.

Who to choose?

It is true that wedding videography is expanding and more and more couples are getting educated of how important it is. Many professionals have jumped into the industry the past few years, but only a few can combine the experience and an artistic eye. Elegance Wedding Films is a company that captures wedding since 2003 and will impress you with the creativity & modern style of the wedding films.

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