What to look for when buying Luxury Wedding Invitations

Invitations are one of the more overlooked aspects of a wedding. While much thought, consideration, and planning go into choosing the venue, catering, decorations, and entertainment, not everyone puts the same amount of effort into their invitations.

Yet invitations are a very important component of any wedding. They provide your guests with all the necessary information while also giving insight into how formal an event it will be.

A luxury wedding invitation is a great idea for anyone planning an elegant, sophisticated event, as it informs your guests of the overall the tone of the wedding while serving as a wonderful memoir of the special day.

Check the guide below for knowing what to look for when buying luxury invitations:

A Quality Paper for the Invitation Card

A luxury wedding invitation is usually made from thick, heavy paper. This paper is generally of a much high-quality material, with handmade options oozing sophistication. There are a good few choices, but the best options for luxury invites are either cotton or linen.

Cotton fibre is a long-time favourite for wedding invites, offering a crisp, classic finish that is elegant yet subtle. Linen costs more than cotton fibre, but is generally a higher quality, offering a textured finish that feels wonderful to touch.

Engraving for a Premium Print 

Engraving is still a common feature of luxury wedding invitations and offers one of the most attractive prints for your invites. It’s a classic printing technique that results in raised inked letters on the paper, somewhat similar to embossing.

Not only can an engraved wedding invitation include letters, you may also want to add a graphic design such as a family symbol or monogram. While not necessary, adding a motif certainly adds to the luxury of the invite, especially on premium paper.

Beautiful Calligraphy

When choosing a luxury wedding invitation, there are countless calligraphy fonts available, so be sure to find something that you find beautiful and luxurious. At the same time, it’s often a good choice to not get to overzealous with the calligraphy, as it’s quite expensive and may not be eligible to everyone!

In fact, you may want to avoid using calligraphy for the entire invite. Sometimes using it sparingly offers a more luxurious feel, as the contrast with more common fonts allows the invite to stand out even more.

Response Cards

A formal response card is an important component of any wedding invite, but there are ways to enhance this feature for a luxurious invite. For instance, it should always come with a pre-printed address on an envelope, while it’s also worth adding menu section to allow your guest to choose their meal.

This is a good idea to help with catering, while also providing that nice touch of giving your guest the option of choosing their meal themselves. A response card is typically smaller to differentiate from the main invite and you may want to make some changes to the paper, calligraphy and textures for a luxury finish.

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