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I have a wedding coming up where I am a bridesmaid, so I am going through the wonderful process once more. Last year, we gifted the bride pearls – and did something else really special. I plan to repeat the whole thing again at this upcoming wedding and wanted to share what I’ve learnt. Pearls are a uniquely versatile piece of jewellery. They are especially great at weddings: white and timeless! Just last year I was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding. One of the bridesmaids was the bride’s sister. She was the one who got the excellent idea that we should all get matching pearl necklaces and surprise the bride with a string of pearls. A string of real pearls will always come in handy throughout life and every time it is worn by any of the girls, it will remind everyone of the momentous occasion. We were all pleasantly surprised by the affordable price tag too.

bridesmaid gift for bride pearls

I believe the inspiration for the this came from Style Me Pretty. It featured a heart-warming story on how a woman wore her grandmother’s pearls on her wedding day… It was probably their most popular article that year! Another place that this idea was featured was the film “The First Wives Club”. I know, guilty pleasure – bring me back to the days of Spice Girls’ girl power and nineties hair. In case you aren’t familiar, it is It is a silly comedy that at the same time manages to touch on some serious issues concerning women. The four female lead characters played by the wonderful Goldie Hawn, Bette Middler, Dianne Keaton and Stockard Channing were in college together and gifted themselves pearls on their graduation day that they held on to for the rest of their lives. It is an incredibly sweet, innocent and nonetheless significant timeless gift that will another lustrous accent on your deep friendship with the bride and create a bond among all the sisters.

bridesmaid gift for bride white freshwater cultured pearls

The pearls we went for were authentic real pearls – it seemed like the only option for a wedding. However, we didn’t know a huge amount about the many different kinds of pearls. After doing a lot of research, we went for pearls made by Tropica Pearls. Made in Ireland, they shipped in really quickly and for free to the UK. One thing is for sure: these aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. They bring the same beautiful class with even lustrous pearls and a refreshing practical take on pearl jewellery. The larger than usual handy sterling silver lobster clasp will make it super simple for all the ladies on their special day – we all know how important it is to avoid complications. They were excellent value, but given that we got five in total (three bridesmaids, one for the mother and one for the bride), Martina – the lady who looked after our order emails – gave us an extra discount! The pearls came in matching boxes. The outer green box contained a large suede box with the pearls. The pearls were sitting in a silk ribbon with an elaborate tropical theme – mostly blue in colour, which was also nice on the wedding day. A certificate of authenticity detailed the natural origin of the pearls and a care guide explained things like cleaning, restringing and simple measures to keep pearls looking great for decades. For example, you should put your pearls on after you’ve had your hair and make up done. Needless to say, the bride was over the moon. The pearls created a sisterly atmosphere – it was the cutest thing. I have already ordered another set for this upcoming wedding and would highly recommend that you try this gifting strategy.

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