Why Timing is your Best Friend for Planning a Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, remember that famous quote:

“You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan”.

Yet so many us make a planning a wedding more of a headache, more stressful and more expensive than it needs to be.

However, in this article we’ll show you the biggest secret to planning a wedding is actually timing.

3 things timing saves you when planning a wedding

Timing saves you stress

When planning a wedding or wedding entertainment, the closer it gets to your big day, the more stressful it seems. However, by carefully planning, prioritising and acting with good timing stress can be minimised.

Most of the stress when planning a wedding is caused by either panic or problems, and both are avoidable by acting in a timely manner.

  • Panic is simply worrying, but if all your plans are in place and confirmed, then you can relax and be reassured.
  • Problems can be avoided by planning, confirming and completing all necessary tasks in good time.

By acting as early as possible on the key tasks – e.g. choosing a venue, an outfit, organising the reception and all other logistics, you will save yourself from (avoidable) stress.

Timing saves you money

When you’re planning a wedding, time is your friend in many ways – especially on costs. For example, when booking a venue, it’s possible to avoid short-notice (or even seasonal) costs.

The closer to your big day that you leave arranging things, you run an increased risk of being overcharged. For example, let’s say you don’t arrange your flower arrangements well ahead of your big day. As your wedding date approaches, should you need any short-notice change of plans (e.g. finding a different florist) the potential for higher costs is increased enormously as suppliers need to work harder to solve the crisis.

Timing saves you time

Whilst this may sound counter-intuitive, when planning a wedding your perceived ‘lack of time’ increases the closer you get your special day.

With two years to plan a wedding, you feel like you have lots of time, compared to say, six months. However, the reality is that whilst the time all planning tasks should take is the same, the perception is that they either take longer or there is less time to do them.

For further proof of this, look up Parkinson’s Law – which states “work expands to fit the time available for its completion”. Simply put, this means a job that may only take two minutes (e.g. posting a letter) will take longer if one has a longer time to do it. If this seems unbelievable, ask yourself how long it would take to post the letter if you had a day or a week to do it……

So, the sooner you start planning your wedding, and completing all the tasks – venue booking, car, wedding list etc. – not only will they be completed sooner, but they will take less time to do then when you’re working under short notice.

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