What does your Wedding Venue say about you?

If you’re looking for the right wedding venue your brain is no doubt on overdrive. This is understandable considering your whole life is going to change dramatically in just a short time.

At this time in your life you’re going to do lots of reflecting as well as soul searching. You will be scrutinizing your relationship to assure yourself you’ve made the right decision. Of course the groom will be stressing out trying to find the perfect ring and both of you will be stressing over the planning of this wonderful day. There are many things consider, lots of choices to make, corners to be cut, and many other crucial decisions that will make your wedding day uniquely great.


The catering is always an important part of the wedding. The wedding food needs to reflect the tone of the day. Using a good Melbourne catering company can save you a lot of time and headaches. They know how to personalize your special day and free you up to tend to other important parts of your wedding plans. Of course, the wedding venue is of the utmost importance. It is a reflection of the couple’s personality. Here are a few different venues to give you some ideas for finding the best one for your wedding day –

Traditional Wedding Venues

1. Churches

If you and your significant other were raised religious then a church may be the natural choice for your wedding venue. When you have a church wedding it shows that you and your partner hold to old traditional family values. A church wedding can be very special to both the couple and their families and friends. Not everyone shares in the old traditional values. However, they will get a sense of just how important family is to the bride and groom.

Traditional weddings are the ‘white picket fence’ type of weddings. They are among the most popular kinds of weddings still today. It sets a tone of reverence to God and family that cannot be overlooked.

Rustic Venues

If you love the rustic look of recycled old-style timbers and scenic terrain, a rustic venue may be just right for you. The word ‘rustic’ conjures up images of old backyards and water-wheels. These venues are pleasing to the eye and have a very relaxed atmosphere about them. It’s a break-away from the more formal church ceremonies.

Tropical Destinations

Some couples dream of being married in a tropical setting. They love the exotic feel of an island with the ocean caressing white sandy beaches. A couple of good examples, which many people choose for their wedding venues, are Bali and Thailand. Tropical locations are dreamy and magical which appeals to many young couples wanting to tie the knot.

Backyard Weddings

The backyard wedding is one of the most practical choices of all. Family and friends will already be comfortable with their surroundings because they’ve been there many times before. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and really does make for an atmosphere of love and devotion to family.

At these types of weddings it is often much easier to let family and friends get in on the planning. Everyone can share ideas and take charge over certain aspect of the day. Some may want to make the snacks, another pitch in on decorating, and another may be a talented photographer. All of those can save a lot of money for the bride and groom and their families.

Bar and Pub Weddings

Some couples like to celebrate their lifestyles by holding their wedding in their favorite bar or pub. They have their friends that they see when they go out to party and want them to be there for this special event. If you go there all the time and like the atmosphere and people, then why not get married there?

Wedding Extras

With any of these wedding venues there should be ample connections to get you through the day. For some venues the people and talents you need (like caterers, decorators, photographers, bands, etc.) will be quite easy to locate, while with some you may have to do some digging.

If you are in the Melbourne area you should call a wedding catering company to help you organize your wedding event. They can save you loads of headaches with their professional wedding experts who know just what to do to make your wedding a success.

Their staff is highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of weddings. They are more than happy to consult with you and get a feel for exactly what you want you wedding to be like. Once they know what you want they will have no trouble making it happen. They free you up to focus your attention on many of the other important details of that special day. Take advantage of their talents and expertisewall of sound!

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