Wedding Venues in Dallas: Researching the Dream

Congratulations!  If you’re here you most likely just recently got engaged, or are expecting to be engaged in the near future, and are looking to find the perfect wedding reception spot in Dallas for you and your significant other to host your special day.  If this is the case, look no further as we have some great ideas to consider for when you are researching that perfect venue.  Read on to learn more.


The most important item to make sure that you and your future spouse understand when researching wedding venues in the Dallas area is your wedding budget.  Before you start researching, it’s best to sit down with your partner and begin going over all of the items that you will need to pay for.  Unfortunately, weddings do get expensive unless it is very small.  Therefore, have a weekend brainstorming session of all of the items you will need such as renting the venue, what does the venue rent include, number of guests that will be invited, cost of an open bar, cost of bridal party gifts, etc.

In order to do this properly, we recommend you start a simple Excel spreadsheet to track all of these costs, and research the average wedding cost in the Dallas area for those items.  Once you know, total up the costs and see what you think against your personal budget expectations.  Adjust accordingly.

Wedding Party

One of the most important pieces to the success of your day will be to consider is the wedding party, including bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Make sure that you identify who you want to be in the wedding party in order to give them enough notice to prepare for the day.  People like to this in order to properly plan for the success of your day.  Remember they are a part of this as well.

Venue Research

Quite possibly the most important piece to the wedding is the actual venue itself.  During your research, you will want to make sure you can accomodate all of your guests with some additional room to spare.  There is also the important part of researching to see if you should have the wedding at a church and then the reception at another location.  Further, how will you notify guests this of the best way to get there?  Does the venue have an indoor and outdoor option in the event of inclement weather?  When do you need to book by?  All of these and more are very important questions to ask and consider when finalizing a venue.


One of the most beautiful and stunning wedding venues in Dallas is Hidden Creek, located about 40 minutes from Dallas.  This 8000 square foot building will host your entire wedding for you and your guests.  The interior is beautiful and it will create a wedding scene everyone will thoroughly remember.

Book an Officiant

In order to get married, you will need to have someone properly officiate the wedding.  Make sure you start contacting local churches and researching online to find the perfect person to handle this, and to be sure they are available.  Further, remember that some officiants may require to attend certain classes in addition to getting to know them to be sure that you meet their requirements to be able to marry you and your future spouse.

Photographers and Florists

When planning a wedding, there are many things that go into capturing this perfect day.  With this being said, that includes making sure that you have the photographer and florists picked out to help capture all the events.  Research photographers in the Dallas area by checking out their websites, reviewing their portrait collections, and calling them for availability.  They tend to book up far in advance so it’s important to get a head start on this.  Same thing with florists as you want to have these items picked out and ready to be delivered on your wedding day.  Also speak to any friends you have to get referrals from them or if they have friends who used really good photographers and florists.  The power is in your network!

We hope that these items have helped steer you in a better direction on your wedding planning adventures!

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